SHOWTIME | City on a Hill

Direct Mail Press Kit

With the release of their new drama series “City on a Hill”, the marketing team at SHOWTIME® had a bold and interactive idea to help drive curiosity and create excitement for the début of the series premiere!

The new drama series stars Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge in a sprawling story of crime, race and police corruption in Boston during the mid-90’s. So, it was only fitting that SHOWTIME® wanted to create a press kit resembling a large canvas security bag. But, wanting to take their idea to the next level by enhancing the design’s overall look and feel to recreate the sensations of a real canvas bag, they turned to Hatteras for help.

From early concept, the team at Hatteras worked in close collaboration with SHOWTIME®, ensuring the final product was exactly what they envisioned. With extensive rounds of prototyping, textural testing, and color matching, the final product was approved and moved into production.

The 2-ply front cover was printed on a premium heavy-weight card stock, and features a ‘security bag’ design with embossed stitching, a vintage leather strap and brass-looking buckles and buttons that were enhanced using a high-gloss metallic silver. The ‘canvas’ section of the ‘bag’ was also embossed with a textured pattern, and printed using a spot soft touch aqueous coating overlay.

By combining unique inks, coatings and textures, Hatteras was able to recreate a real-feel sensation that helped bring these design elements to life.

Each kit contains a saddle-stitched booklet fixed to the back cover, creating a 3-ply back cover. The back inside cover houses a DVD that includes the first three episodes of the series.

Leveraging the latest technology in offset printing, Hatteras printed all components of this kit using LED-UV curable inks on our 8-color Heidelberg XL 106, embossed, die cut, hand-assembled and shipped to a distribution center.

The marketing, creative and production teams at SHOWTIME® were extremely happy with the outcome of this press kit, and Hatteras was honored to help them create such a unique unboxing experience for all who received them. We wish everyone involved the best of luck with their new series, “City on a Hill”! ­