Relapse Magazine, Brooklyn, NY


Showcasing our passion for niche markets, Hatteras collaborated with Brooklyn-based fashion and youth culture publication Relapse Magazine to expand the size and quality of their print issues, propelling them into the forefront of the independent magazine industry. The final product is an over-sized, 160-page perfect-bound book, utilizing slightly toothed, heavy-weight stock and a blend of offset and digital printing.

Coming from a templated 8.5”x11” printing schematic, the Hatteras team provided high-quality paper samples, sizing options and production proposals to Relapse, evolving their print into a more tactilely impressive aspect of their brand—a true novelty item that readers buy and keep. A collector’s item.

The end product, as seen on newsstands throughout the world, provides an aspect of magazine publishing not seen in mass-market glossies: a truly symbiotic relationship with the reader, where stock choice, printing method and attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Dealing with extremely particular imagery, Hatteras relied on its extensive experience in related areas to provide the most efficient and reliable printing processes to execute the vision of the publication in printed form.

Customer Testimonial

“First being introduced through a mutual friend, I was immediately impressed by the knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail of the Hatteras team, most specifically Bill Duerr. Taking our very specific needs into consideration, Hatteras built a customized printing production plan from the ground-up just for us, and has provided one of the most impressive print magazines on the market today. Don’t believe us? Just head to Barnes and Noble Union Square (the largest and most successful in the country) where you can see us as a Featured Title next to Vogue and GQ. And we were only chosen to be featured because of the quality of our print. The family at Hatteras is one of the most dedicated and hardworking companies I have come in contact with since starting this business, and I am truly honored to be working with them on my ever-evolving brand.“