Planning for Efficiency


Hatteras, Tinton Falls, New Jersey


Hatteras’ handwork department is one of our strongest assets. In conjunction with our die-cutting, folding and gluing capabilities, the handwork department is able to create dynamic kits, marrying multiple finished pieces into the final delivered product. We rely on prototypes built in-house to ensure we are planning and producing the final pieces with the speed and accuracy required to deliver on-time and on-budget; our prototyping services are crucial in ensuring the success of a project with multiple moving parts. The prototyping process starts with a simple idea – a visual or a discussion regarding the end use of the piece. From there, we generate practical solutions that can be efficiently produced.


We create prototypes for a variety of products. Any project with complicated die-lines such as kits, well boxes, or custom packaging is tested by creating a white paper sample. We test this for fit, structure and functionality before printing the project. The combination of our digital die-cutting equipment and multiple digital printing formats allows us, when necessary, to produce printed prototypes to show what the final product will look like at the concept stage. This enables us to address any quality issues with printing or finishing before the job is in production.

Getting us involved early is key! Last minute surprises can be avoided when we take our customer’s concepts or ideas and efficiently plan how it will be executed. We consider everything from how the project is shipping or mailing to the final use of the product when creating a prototype. Hatteras makes suggestions regarding paper stocks, dieline adjustments, and finishing options that best fit the product needs. It is an opportunity to review the project in detail and make any necessary adjustments in order to save our client’s time and cost. This prototyping process allows Hatteras to confidently complete projects from start to finish.