Nordstrom Domination

Premier Tourist And Landmark Association


Premier Tourist And Landmark Association, New York, New York


Premier Tourist And Landmark Association (PTALA), a paramount in-house marketing arm for a large real estate investment firm, is responsible for managing the advertising opportunities for iconic venues nationwide. Union Station in Washington, D.C. is one of their premium spaces with a rich history. To promote boots and winter shoes for the upcoming winter season, Nordstrom planned a complete advertising domination of Union Station. Hatteras, PTALA, and Kinetic Worldwide all joined forces to execute a Nordstrom takeover of the transportation hub.


Hatteras has previously worked with PTALA on Union Station domination projects. We were able to utilize previously built templates to make changes quickly, and check for size accuracies. This project entailed the production of the following: high impact overhead banners; shopping concourse bulkhead wall graphics; escalator wraps; double-sided display stand posters; backlit display stand graphics; double-sided door clings; backlit spectaculars; and wall wraps.

Case Study Solution

In a grand scale project with many moving parts such as this one, it is of great importance to Hatteras that the brand color is true and uniform across all mediums. As seen in the pictures, there is a heavy coverage of deep red color in all of the graphics. It was imperative that the red matched across the board. The graphics were printed on a variety of substrates and on different printers. To ensure accuracy, Hatteras worked diligently to match the brand colors to the color maps provided by the client. Despite a very tight schedule of five days, Hatteras was able to deliver quality graphics within a strict deadline.

Client Testimonial

Hatteras delivers yet again. With the tightest turnaround time of any media campaign we have ever done, Hatteras printed the entire campaign flawlessly and brilliantly. With excellent communication, I was confident in our ability to deliver a beautiful campaign in a timely manner for a major client.