MLB Fan Cave Project


Major League Baseball


Wanting to renovate their space into a completely unrivaled environment, Major League Baseball sought Hatteras to handle the project from conception to completion. Hatteras ran with the assignment, transforming all aspects of the space: the stairs to look like a homerun wall, the elevator into a subway car, and even a barbershop-inspired room for fresh cuts before the game!


The Fan Cave space is a unique reflection of the culture of Major League baseball, covered floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with graphics that reflect the love of the game. A variety of substrates were used to create the desired effects -- from vinyl wall decals to die-cut 1" black gator board.

The MLB Fan Cave project began with a conversation of vision, followed by an on-site inspection to identify potential areas to transform. Hatteras then took command, creating templates for the design and providing them to the MLB Fan Cave graphic design team. Once the imagery was complete, Hatteras managed all aspects of graphic production and installation.