Coffee tin + a personalized invitation


MagnaCare, New York, New York


Working together, MagnaCare and Hatteras sought to create an unconventional yet personal direct mail piece that would stand out from the crowd. The final product was a personalized parcel, and inside, a large coffee tin containing a personalized invitation, a travel mug, coffee beans, tea, and hot chocolate. The customized invitation both addressed the recipient by name, and included their specific sales associate’s contact information to arrange a meeting for coffee. This casual approach combined with the personalized deliverables made for an impactful and effective direct mail campaign.


There were four printed components that completed this campaign: two static labels, one variable mailing label and one four page die-cut brochure with a pop-up insert. The brochure greeted the recipient by name, inviting them to meet for coffee. The inside content introduced the sales associate and presented both phone and email options to contact the rep to arrange the meeting. The variable mailing label and the personalized brochure were key components of this project that highlighted the accessibility and individual attention of a MagnaCare salesperson. All deliverables were printed digitally on the HP Indigo 7600.

With limited turn-around time, including multiple variable elements in this project was perceived as a challenge. However Hatteras’ expertise in variable data and our confidence in our capabilities allowed us to proceed in the direction of personalization, and the result was worth the challenge. Hatteras’ digital capabilities combined with our fulfillment competences allowed all the deliverables to be completed under one roof, resulting in an efficient, high quality, and successful project.

Client Testimonial

The success of this project lies in the collaboration with Hatteras during the initial phases of development. By understanding our goals and contributing ideas on how best to deliver and personalize our message was critical. As the piece evolved and timelines got tighter, Hatteras was right there with us, adapting and making things happen to drop this time sensitive direct mail piece. We asked and they delivered. Hatteras is not just our printer, they are our partner.