Holiday 2015 Catalog

Paul Stuart


Paul Stuart


Paul Stuart is fine clothing retailer known for their updated classic American style. Hatteras collaborated with Paul Stuart’s design and marketing team for the production of their 2015 Holiday Catalog. In retailing, the holiday season preparations begin while the weather is still warm. The images for this catalog were shot in August by Holger Eckstein, a renowned fashion photographer.


The catalog is a 44 page plus cover perfect bound book. Paul Stuart wanted the holiday catalog cover to be subtly luxurious. To achieve this, Hatteras used a strike-through effect on the highlights of the cover image. The strike-through effect is a sophisticated and understated in-line process that adds soft shimmering shine in spot areas. The shadow areas of the cover hosts a matte finish to provide a contrast against the shine.

Hatteras worked closely with the retouching studio to ensure that our production matched their G7 GRACoL proofs, and that special attention was paid to neutral areas which were printed with additional black. Hatteras understands the tight deadlines in the retail industry. We were able to print, bind, and mail the catalogs by the late October deadline. We provided tracking and seeding services with daily reports back to Paul Stuart on deliveries to their customers across the country. We welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the Paul Stuart team on this eye-catching catalog project from concept to delivery.

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