Hatteras Featured in Printing Impressions

August 24, 2016

Featured in the August edition of Printing Impressions, Bill and Charlie Duerr are credited with blending the time-tested values of print with an embracement of technology. This philosophy spans the offset, digital and large format divisions, while remaining true to the customer-focused, quality-assurance initiatives.

As Bill states, “We’ve grown our product and service offering by understanding the marketplace, recognizing the needs of our clientele and evolving the company to align with those needs. What’s exciting about that is it’s always going to be changing. As the needs of the marketplace evolve, our goal is to ensure that our service offerings remain relevant — a little better and a little different than the competitors — while staying true to the quality, service and speed to market that we’ve always been able to provide our customers.”

For a complete update on recent developments at Hatteras, check out the full article on Printing Impressions here.