Frendly Gathering 2015

Event Graphics


Frendly Gathering


The Frendly Gathering is an annual multi-day grassroots music festival held in the hills of Vermont. This annual event began in the spirit of gathering a frends for all over the world that share interests in snowboarding, the outdoors and music. This year marks the fifth year the Frendly Gathering and Hatteras joined forces for the production of a variety of graphics for the event varying from dynamic stage scrims to simple way-finding signage.


Hatteras produced the following for this year’s Frendly Gathering: stage scrims, die-cut sponsor signs, posters, flyers, information boards, festival maps, meal tickets, and functional signage to indicate parking, camping etc. throughout the camp. The six stage banners covered 100% of the stage adding visual interest from top to bottom. All of the large format graphics were produced keeping transportability and installation in mind.

The past years of experience allowed Hatteras to fine tune the details of the project for efficiency allowing for a speedy and accurate delivery. Our wide range of print capabilities enabled us to produce all of the graphics in the most cost effective way possible while still producing high-impact pieces of the highest quality.

Congrats to Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis for putting on another excellent event. We're looking forward to what lies ahead!

Thanks for the photos Ali Kaukas! Check out Ali's photos on instagram @ALLLIIIBABA