Earth Day 2015

Plantable seed paper


Hatteras, Tinton Falls, New Jersey


Earth Day, April 22nd is an international day to create environmental awareness and to support preservation practices. Environmental consciousness is a constant priority to Hatteras. To encourage gardening last year, Hatteras mailed Earth-shaped wildflower seed paper to celebrate the occasion. We asked the recipient to send us picture updates on the growth of their wildflowers via social media. The positive response from last year motivated us to repeat the seed paper mailer this year.


This year we produced a two-sided postcard with a planter-shaped insert covering the image of the roots of a parsley plant. The postcards are digitally printed on the HP Indigo 7600 on 100% post consumer material. The slits on the postcard that hold the insert were cut on the Zund S3 Digital Cutting System. By utilizing digital print and finishing technology, we were able to produce this piece with zero-wasted sheets. We custom ordered the seed paper from Bloomin Productions, selecting its shape, the orange paper stock and the type of seed we wanted to grow.

Parsley grows best in warmer weather. If you plan to plant the parsley outdoors, it is ideal that you plant after the last spring frost. You can also use a pot to plant the seeds indoors, and move it outdoors once the weather is warmer. You can leave it in the pot, or transfer to a garden. It will take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks for the seeds to sprout. Fun fact: parsley attracts anise and black swallowtail butterflies. Be sure to share pictures of your growing parsley, as well as the delicious dishes you cook up with it, via social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.