According to La Viuda Food Company’s website, “De La Viuda® Hot Sauce is a tribute to the legacy of sharing real spice and passion…”  Looking to continue on with that legacy, the company wanted an impactful way to introduce their recently-launched hot sauces to buyers and media contacts in the food industry. 

Their creative partner and NJ-based agency, Spitball, had already designed some of La Viuda Food Company’s branding, and turned to Hatteras to assist with developing a packaging solution. The goal was to create a special sampling kit that showcased their ‘original’ and ‘green pepper’ hot sauces, surrounded by De La Viuda’s beautiful and exotic branding. 


Hatteras collaborated with Spitball on different packaging design approaches and prototypes that were functional while creating a visually distinctive and memorable unboxing experience. The kit’s exterior featured elegant gold foil stamping of the company’s logo and tagline – “The Art of Spice” – with a soft touch lamination and magnetic closure that gave the box a luxurious feel. Inside is where things really came to life, where the company’s colorful branding was printed throughout the internal components as well as on the inside flap.

Hatteras designed a custom, printed tray with an e-flute liner, creating a snug housing unit that ensured a safe journey for the hot sauces. The final touch was the addition of a personalized card that introduced the hot sauces and brand story to each recipient. 

We were delighted to be a part of this special packaging project with Spitball, allowing us to contribute prototyping, printing, assembling, packing and shipping the sampling kits to La Viuda Food Company’s target audience.