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Premier Tourist And Landmark Association


Premier Tourist And Landmark Association, New York, New York


Premier Tourist And Landmark Association (PTALA), a paramount in-house marketing arm for a large real estate investment firm, is responsible for managing the advertising opportunities for iconic venues nationwide. CVS Caremark recently transitioned to their new corporate name, CVS Health. This new branding symbolizes a broader healthcare commitment and the changes they have been making such as discontinuing the sale of tobacco. To promote the new branding, PTALA, BBDO (a world renowned agency) and Hatteras joined forces for a complete domination of Union Station in Washington D.C.


Hatteras worked very closely with the BBDO design team to ensure that the execution met the desired vision. This project entailed the production of the following: high impact overhead banners; shopping concourse bulkhead wall graphics; escalator wraps; double-sided display stand posters; backlit display stand graphics; double-sided door clings; backlit spectaculars; wall wraps; and high-impact table top wraps.

Hatteras generated hard proofs and color maps for all of the materials used in this project. The graphics were printed on a variety of substrates and on different printers. Hatteras worked diligently to match the brand colors to the color maps across all mediums and machines. Despite a tight schedule, Hatteras was able to deliver quality graphics within the deadline.

To see video of the graphics in Union Station, follow the link below, and enter the password: cvs. (credit: Premier Tourist And Landmark Association)
Union Station Domination Video

Client Testimonial

Ethan and the team at Hatteras continue their stellar work. This was an extensive campaign with huge relevancy to the DC market, for a discerning and demanding client. Hatteras saw the production through to completion, with exhaustive proofing and on time deliverables, continuing their high standard of work.

CEO - Premier Tourist And Landmark Association