Six Girls Six Cities

Cole Barash


Cole Barash, Brooklyn, New York


Cole Barash is an elite photographer whose work has been showcased everywhere from magazine covers to global ad campaigns for world-renowned clients. His new series of work, Six Girls Six Cities, features six models photographed and subsequently double exposed against the backdrops of six cities: New York, Paris, Moscow, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, and London. Cole Barash was inspired by a shoot he worked on for Relapse Magazine; he double exposed high fashion photography for the magazine, and the idea for this series was born.


Cole shot 60 rolls of film in studio with the models first, noting the horizontal or vertical orientation of the shots on the roll. With the marked rolls, he traveled the six cities and double exposed the films blindly, without the knowledge of the specific prior content of each film. This organic process created a unique juxtaposition between cityscapes and models. Hatteras produced 111 special edition books to showcase this remarkable photography.


The final project was an 8.5”x 12”, 96 page + cover book. The cover was printed on Neenah 105# Stardream metallic silver cover and the text printed on uncoated 70# Finch ID text. The entire job was printed digitally on the HP Indigo 7600. To achieve the deep blacks and smooth transitions within the photographs, we utilized a custom 4-color process rich black build. The covers were scored on the Zund S3 Digital Cutting System. The book was designed so that it could be hand-sewn. Three holes were punched in the center of each spread and red thread was used to construct the binding. The thread creates a beautiful contrast against the black and white images.

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Designed by Ricardo Lozano
Bound by Josh Goldsmith

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