Cole Barash

Talk Story


Cole Barash is an elite New York City-based photographer whose work has been showcased everywhere from magazine covers to global ad campaigns for world renowned clients. His photography journey began as he pursued his passion for surfing. He traveled to the North Shore of Hawaii to explore the island’s subculture and document the life of a world-class surfer, John John Florence. The series of work produced from this trip was chosen to be exhibited at the Picture Farm Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. “Talk Story” is the limited edition book of Cole Barash’s work, released at the opening reception for this exhibition. The essential goal of its production was to maintain the authenticity of the photographs and produce the best quality representation of his work. Hatteras worked with Cole Barash to achieve this vision.


“Talk Story” is a 76 page + cover perfect bound book that exploits the unique characteristics of paper, utilizing five different stocks and a combination of both offset and digital printing, to allow the photographs to tell their story. Glossy inserts, reminiscent of traditional 4” x 6” photographs, are inserted into the book’s binding. The inserts provide a welcome contrast to the uncoated stock of standard text leaves and highlight the art photography. In addition to the inserts, there are two pages printed on a vellum, translucent stock. The variation in opacity interacts with the adjacent pages enhancing the photographic effect.

The ultimate goal, shared by Cole and Hatteras, was to translate the photography into a printed format that stayed true to Cole’s initial vision. Through various paper stock tests, ink density tests, and color management techniques, Hatteras was able to provide an uncompromising solution. Though Hatteras is known for our ability to deliver on a much larger scale, we are equipped to handle the minute details of a limited edition production.

Client Testimonial

Attention to detail and quality are two of the large variables that are high on my list when releasing pieces under my name. Thats exactly what I got working with Hatteras. From several initial paper stock options, to a variety of different options with quotes as well as a hands on experience were all part of the package. Sure I could have printed in China, however I wanted a dependable team to work with and a hand shake of an american made product at the end. Hatteras’ on line supervision throughout the entire process from print to bind to package was there and that is something that is getting harder and harder to find.


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