Citi Bike

Brand Marketing


NYC Bike Share, Operator of Citi BikeSM, New York, New York


Citi BikeSM, New York City’s bike share system, provides New Yorkers and visitors alike with the ability to navigate the city on two wheels. The bikes are docked throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn for convenient rental and return. The program will soon double in size, adding hundreds of stations and thousands of bikes to additional neighborhoods across New York City. For this reason, brand consistency is of utmost importance. Hatteras understands our responsibility to ensure that all products produced for Citi BikeSM uphold the highest standards and reinforce its recognizable city-wide brand.


Hatteras produces a wide variety of marketing collateral for Citi BikeSM including: business cards, free 24-hour passes, membership kit mailers, variable data coupons, and sales brochures. In addition to traditional media, Hatteras provides various solutions for branding of the kiosks and the bikes that includes frame decals, fender decals, front basket decals, stem-caps stickers with usage information, and handle bar stickers. These deliverables span the gamut of print solutions offered by Hatteras – digital, offset and grand format.

Hatteras produces 100% of the products for Citi BikeSM in-house, enabling us greater control over the quality and consistency of the brand across all media formats. Also of great importance to Citi BikeSM, we provide hard proofs of all components prior to production, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Client Testimonial

We're a company that's quite literally always on the go! From launching and maintaining North America's largest bike share system to now doubling the size of the program over the next few years, it's incredibly valuable to have a single vendor that meets our wide range of printing needs. Hatteras is there every step of the way with solutions. Ethan is patient when we hit delays, speedy when we need a project turned around quickly, and always completes the job to the highest standards.