Caudalíe Counter Display





Caudalíe is an international cosmetic brand with roots in the vineyards of Bordeaux, France. They use vines and grapes from the vineyards for their exceptional, all natural line of products. Caudalíe needed unique counter displays for their Crème Gourmande Mains Et Ongles (Hand and Nail Cream). Hatteras collaborated with Caudalíe to produce a solution.


It was important that the counter displays could ship flat, and would be easy to assemble. Hatteras designed a structurally sound display that met the two requirements. The displays are printed conventionally with a PMS color and satin aqueous coating. There is a collapsable step insert inside the display. The steps raise the 2nd and 3rd row products for visibility.

Hatteras had a very tight turnaround time for this project. We created two prototypes prior to producing the job to find the most efficient solution. From the first prototype to the second, we were able to simplify the dieline for ease of assembly and increase the header size to allow for a larger graphics area. 100% of the job was produced in-house. This allowed us to control the quality and schedule for this job and confidently meet the necessary deadline.

Client Testimonial

A couple weeks ago, we had a rush project for a counter display. The quote, the mock-up, the color-proof…everything went so quick and smoothly, I was amazed. I’ve worked in the industry for 7 years now and I’ve never worked with a printer that efficient and fast! Tom is very easy to work with: he understands our requests rapidly, puts them into execution with a lot of passion, while being extremely careful with quality, deadlines and costs. His team and he offer options when facing a set back and guide you towards the best choice. They make everything possible and simple. I highly recommend working with Hatteras.

Laure Castets, Senior Product Manager