34pp + Cover perfect bound book with video screen


Brookfield Office Properties, New York, New York


Hatteras was asked to design, develop and produce the book and casing for a video screen


The final product was an embossed, spot UV-coated 34pp + cover perfect-bound book with video screen housed in a Soft Touch-laminated outer box along with the screen’s charger.

At first proposal, the concept was a 36pp + cover saddle-stitch book with a compartment for the screen in the inside back cover. Over the course of production, the book evolved into its final rendition with many iterations and suggestions from the Hatteras team.

Hatteras’ solution consisted of producing a perfect-bound book inserted into a slip-case cover with the screen nested inside the back cover. The book was then assembled into an outer box for protection as well as to include the screen’s charger.

The usage of the piece, the wear on the construction over time, scuff-resistance, and the need to recharge the screen were all considered during development.

Benefits of working with Hatteras

Expertise: Hatteras relied on the experience of its team to determine the best method to construct a durable yet visually impressive piece. We tested and utilized many construction strategies, as well as printing techniques, to satisfy the customer’s request for a state-of-the-art sales tool.